The Pool Police Cleaning Service

Hello World!

This may be a testament to how great the Yii framework really is but more than that it is a reflection of the generous support offered by the Yii community.

For many years I have been impressed by the accomplishments of programmers, admiring their ability to create functionality and beauty out of what appears to be gibberish code. As I started out learning html and css I was surrounded by programmers who never cease to amaze me with their talents. I could only dream of making something with advanced functionality and I certainly couldn’t afford to hire their skill.

It is impressive what experienced PHP programmers can do however what is truly remarkable is when a person with no PHP programming experience can build a website which empowers advanced capabilities. My experience with Yii speaks volumes for the underlying dedication and the charitable character of the Yii developers and especially of members of this forum. The simple site which I was able to produce in a few months would have taken years had it not been for the ready framework application plus readily available guidance and help.

My website creation is simple and hardly begins to draw on the power offered by the Yii framework, but it has given me a taste of PHP programming and it is just the beginning of my adventure of the language. I was told that I should have PHP programming skills before attempting this project and my response; this project is a hands on lesson, which for me is the best way to learn. I look forward to further exploring the code and learning how and why it works.

At first I completed Larry Ullman’s tutorial and established a member login, then added a registration process but really at this point it isn’t needed until the site advances to offer products and an online payment method. It was good however as an exercise to get familiar with the system. Future projects will also include the ability to track and manage scheduled jobs.

Here it is, my humble beginning The Pool Police Cleaning Service

Thanks to those who helped directly as well as indirectly via tutorials and postings!

Great story!

I agree with you 100% (and more!) - that’s the way I learn things too: a real life, practical hands-on project.

Congrats on your site. Looks good, and functional. :)

I liked your writing :slight_smile:

Appreciate the encouraging comments!

My very first site was a FrontPage creation because I didn’t know html, never heard of it. The site worked however I was encouraged by members of the WebProWorld forum to fix the hundreds of errors I had produced. With their help I became to understand html and css and now can code on notepad.

I’m very thankful for the Yii framework as a foundation, but it was only after exploring the Yii forum and discovering how helpful the members are that I felt confident enough to try.

This community is awesome! :)