The McDonald's Game

Hi guys,

This online flash campaign in Norway has been made with a Yii backend and Zend Amf. AS3 in frontend.

You are a restaurant manager and your job is to keep the restaurant clean, your employees happy, and your customers satisfied.

Pick up trash in the lobby, take orders at the register, make food in the kitchen and manage your employees in the office.

Looks funny. How is Yii working behind?

Nothing fancy, only two controllers. One controller which controls the AMF server, and another controller that delivers misc. stats to the front page of the game. :) I’m also using ActiveRecord for the database.

Hi all,

Carl, Very interesting work, congratulations. I took some time work with PRADO and now I am studying Yii. I need to work with AMF, but I dont understand it. You could teach as do it?

Any help will be very important, I thank you.


Ricardo Gomez

Bogotá, Colombia

Sure, it will be insteresting.

Arnold Espitaleta

Cartagena Colombia


Very Interesting Games.

:lol: :lol: :lol: