The Great Web Framework Shootout

I chanced upon this link to the The Great Web Framework Shootout from the CakePHP list. I was quite surpised to see CakePHP and Yii so close to each other in terms of performance.

What are you surprised about?

In my practical experience with both, Yii is a lot faster when subjected to real world projects.

I switched to Yii because my CakePHP project was way too slow.

I think I saw a chart on showing the large difference between Yii and Cake in terms of performance. The graph from the shootout site sort of negates it.

I compared performarce (in developing) CI and Yii. Yii win. Yii is the fastest web framework that I have never seen. Write code with Yii is fastest also than Symfony2. If you need to develop faster. Yii is the best framework.