The "Enabled" property of behavior

CBehavior has a property named "Enabled" which can be used to temporarily enable/disable an attached behavior.

Do you think this property is useful? Have you ever used it?

Please help us decide whether we should keep it in Yii 2.0 or not. Thanks.

Never used it. Why it’s better than attaching-detaching behavior?

Seems to be superfluous.

You’d want to attach/detach, wouldn’t you?

[font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2]Enabling/disabling attached behaviors dynamically from code is the best way to guarantee long debugging sessions.

Doing it from configuration makes a bit more sense but I’ve never done it.[/size][/font]

Answer: no.

Never used it…

Voted “I don’t care” - I’ve never used this feature, but it’s never bothered me either.

maybe attach and detach the behavior causing more overhead than enabling disabling?

I never used it too, but I vote “don’t care”

I voted “don’t care” since I myself haven’t encountered a relevant use case.

This thread seems to describe a case where it at least needs to be fixed (in case it will be kept).