The directory structure of the Yii project site

I am following this wiki Written by: qiang to define directory structure.

when i want to access frontend i have to write the whole path. Is there a way to hide www and fronted from the url . i.e or just


use this



Not sure if this is what you want but adding a .htaccess in the very root of the directory structure will do:

RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule (.*) frontend/www/$1

That routes http://localhost/index.php to http://localhost/frontend/www/index.php

or set path in main config file


also u can define path in index like




thnx sir this is working properly: Excellent

Rajith thank you it worked .

this is what i was looking for . thanks

Rookie i was trying to avoid htaccess . yes works but i wanted to do it through url path manager .

thanks for your reply and help