The Definitive guide

Just a thought, the definitive guide has been really usefull in getting up to speed with the framework. I think it deserves it’s own section under the documentation.

Obviously at the moment its under tutorials -> definitive guide. When really it is its own entity, it feels a lot more like the official Yii manual rather than a tutorial, though obviously it does contain example code.

Just an opinion from a newbie.

It’s on the top menu listed as “guide”.

Whoops completely missed that. Thanks.

Though saying that… The guide should really be given equal importance to the class reference, I still use the guide a lot. It is a primary piece of documentation but it is not a primary link in the documentation dropdown.

The links at the top right do not have as much weight on the page as the main links. If im new to the site I will browse all the links under the documentation dropdown first probably before even realising the links at the top are important. The class reference is both on the top link bar and in the documentation drop down. I found this confusing when I was new to Yii, mainly because it was harder to find the manual than the other pieces of documentation. Arguably when your new to a framework you want to see the guide and manual straight away. Then maybe a browse of the class reference to get a feel for things.