The Asset Folder

Is the asset folder in your application directory , a dynamic folder? the name of the folders in my case is e0b1a3b3, c1c1cf36,69b1e452,44eb04c4,7d883f12

yes, it is created by asset manager and contains assets from yii core, extensions etc.

Yup. I’ve also noticed that every time I generate Models from gii the assets folder changes.

I understand that the assets directory is dynamic and is written to by the Yii core and extensions. However I am confused as to how the directory needs to be maintained for different versions of my application.

I have a development version of the site and I just updated a bunch of packages using composer and the assets directory was modified and added to. Now I want to release these changes to production. Should I be overwriting the assets directory on production. I can tell that the assets directory on production has also been updated by the application just by the application being used.

I am pretty sure that if I don’t move my updated assets directory to production but I do move the updated packages, the application on production will break. But I am not sure if I should overwrite the assets directory on production.

Please let me know if there are best practices for managing the assets directory on two versions of the same application.

Thank you.