Thank you so much yii

Hello everyone
Today I finished my Project web is almost complete and it working perfect.
And I would like to thank all of You

Yii framework Team; those who give so much time to make this framework so easy and so complete and so secure with all necessary functions and easy to understand especially for someone like me who just learned PHP and Mysql

Also all Members of Yii forum especially ( Alexander Makarov; Softark; Machour; Alirz23; Pls-kick-me; Mbi; Marcelodeandrade0201; Sidtj; Myfaith237; Asamat; ) for giving me there time and trying to help me to find a solutions for my problems; they always answers my questions and keep answering me till I find a solution.



Bravo! Congratulations! :v:

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Thank you billion time