Testing performance of Yii 2

What is the best or suggested way of testing Yii 2 app’s performance? Both:

I want to deploy my app on Raspberry Pi 4B with… 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB or 8 GB RAM.

I don’t need any fancy-dancy stats. I just need a couple of numbers that will let me decide which option is the best in terms performance/price? Or adds some number to the haptic/click-able testing.

ab, siege, jMeter, k6

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RAM usage with PHP app is mainly a matter of parallel requests happen in time unit. Measuring in its basic/trivial form could be the command free -hts 1 in linux console to observe it in real time.

In my real world mid-busy application I use Zabbix software to measure host resources (Intel CPU server) usage together with docker containers measure.