testdrive yiic shell CDbException trying to model User tbl_user

I changed my testdrive main.php to comment out the sqllite and uncomment the mysql. I have the database, testdrive, and table tbl_user in Mysql and the user password, database in the connection string in main.php are correct but when I try to create the CRUD app using the yiic shell, I get an CDbException error, could not find driver. I use Mysql in php for other programs without any trouble. Thanks

I found that I was missing pdo_mysql support so now I have it installed but I’m getting a different error about not being able to connect to the mysql socket.

Love talking to myself… but if anyone is reading this, here is my solution to the headaches of my first application testdrive and crud:

First, all the paths were wrong, to my php.ini, php, mysql.sock, everything, not that it was Yii fault. All the basic files that contained path info had to be adjusted. Symptom is totally white screen. Then had to install pdo_mysql support, then had to add unix_socket=/tmp/mysql.sock to the connection string. Also got a few of those need to make a couple directories writeable errors, fixed them and I was able to create my first crud testdrive that accesses my MySql database!