Test Driving Yii 2.0

After reading the issue about static helpers on github and thinking about testability, I wondered how much you guys rely on unit testing? Do you take a TDD aproach for the framework, or aren’t there any tests yet? What is the unit test code coverage for Yii 1.1 and is there any number you target for Yii 2.0? (By the way: Nice little anecdote about that topic)

How about letting the community contribute unit tests for 2.0 framework classes? I know unit tests are meant to be written by the developer of a class, but maybe it helped nontheless (obviously I’m only keen to see some 2.0 snippets ;)).

Thank you for willing to contribute to Yii. Please refer to the milestone page for our plan about Yii 2 release. You may start to contribute once we reach "Public Preview" milestone: https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/issues/milestones

Yes, we already wrote unit tests covering the major piece of code, but the coverage is not 100% yet. We hope we may receive help from community to get more code coverage.

Currently I’m working on the assets/scripts management feature and the ActiveForm feature. Once they are done, I think we can declare “Public Preview”. However, these features are not trivial and require a lot of thinking and discussions. That’s why we can’t give exact date estimate.

Thanks for that link, didn’t notice it before. :)