Template tags and filters

First of all i want to congratulate you for this very nice framework.

There's just one thing i like to see in some future release:

Something like django's template tags and filters!


These things just saved me so much time in a previous projects.

…and maybe instead of php arrays, a different method for writing config files.

It is interesting how tastes are different: I interprete a rejecting of all

alien formats (xml, yaml, txt, properties, …) used for configuration as

a great advantage :) The same is for using PHP itself for “templating”.

So, my RFE would be : please, keep the framework as light as it is  ;D

ofcourse using arrays for config files isn’t a problem it’s just that i get confused by all the .php files ???

I'm not asking for a new templating syntax, the template tags and filters could just be implemeted using standard php syntax.

Yii allows you to define and use your favorite templating language. See http://www.yiiframew…de/topics.prado

Of course, this would require you to take the extra effort to implement the needed renderer. But once it is implemented, it can be shared with other people.

Regarding configuration syntax, Yii mainly uses one single application configuration file. Because it is a PHP file, we can implement some special configuration reader and return it as the needed array. Like the above renderer, this also needs the effort to implement the needed configuration reader, but it can also be easily shared with other people once implemented.

Since different people really have different tastes, we think it would be better for the framework to keep the core simple while leaving enough flexibility to allow plugging in extra capabilities.

Clear answer, thank you.

Keep up the good work.