<TD> Even class issue in Firefox

I noticed today that the .even class for <td> is not rendering properly in firefox (latest non-beta version). It works perfectly fine in other browsers, but in firefox it is acting weird (i.e. not clickable in cgridview, doesn’t get the background setting from CSS, etc)

I tried the latest SVN version (1.7) and is not fixed there either. Is anyone else noticing this?

Yes, me too.

Please look at the previous topic that I posted just while ago.

"Even row style of Blueprint screen css."

Ah, I see that one now. I don’t see any responses, have you gotten any privately?

No, not yet.

Probably CSS problems are of low priority, because we won’t use the default style of Yii out of the box in the real life projects. ;)

I’ve made an issue ticket about this, and will be fixed by 1.1.7.