Tbnavbar (Bootstrap.widgets), Can I Insert Image ?

I would like to add a simple graphic in the menu bar. is this possible?

I’m basically using it to create a personalized menu bar…when a user logs on the menu bar displays his/her avatar image in the menu bar. is this possible within

this would be the code I have for the menu bar now. . trying to add the graphic to appear in this menu



 $this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbNavbar', array(

    'type'=>'', // null or 'inverse'



    'collapse'=>true, // requires bootstrap-responsive.css






                    array('label'=>'manage', 'items'=>array(

			array('label' => 'profile', 'url'=>array('/profile/index')),

			array('label' => 'options', 'url'=>array('/options/index')),


                        array('label'=>'link2', 'items'=>array(

		        array('label' => 'link3', 'url'=>array('downlaod/index')),

			array('label' => 'link4', 'url'=>array('downlaod/index')),








} ?>

ideally I would like to be able to put it anywhere on the bar… .is this possible

Change the ‘label’ of the item that you want to change to a CHtml::image(). If TbNavBar works like CMenu then you may need to set encodeLabels to false.