Tbeditable Popup - Ok Button Is Not Rendering Correctly

I have configured x-editable on bootstrap and it started working

main config set correctly as in the below link



  1. the configuration setting ‘mode’ to ‘inline’ is not showing any effect

      The below configuration has no effect
       //X-editable config
     	'editable' => array(
     			'class'     => 'editable.EditableConfig',
     			'form'      => 'bootstrap',        //form style: 'bootstrap', 'jqueryui', 'plain'
     			'mode'      => 'inline',            //mode: 'popup' or 'inline'
     			'defaults'  => array(              //default settings for all editable elements
     					'emptytext' => 'Click to edit'
  2. the ok button on the editable popup window is not showing correctly, please see the attached window.

Please can some one give any inputs?


sorry attachment was missing

please see the attachment3868