Hello everyone!

I just finished my first Yii application (not counting Trackstar). I started development only a day or three back, so I’m really glad with the result. The fact that I came this far in little time, is ofcourse thanks to Yii and also thanks to Zurb Foundation. Foundation helped me a lot to create a nice, clean, responsive CSS structure. Combined with Yii, it was fairly easy to get to the point where I am now. Note: I didn’t use the Yii Foundation extension.

What is Tasta? Well, Tasta is the Esperanto word for ‘button’. Since it is a gaming website, I thought this would be an interessting name. Tasta is not your traditional gaming website, it’s just me and a couple of friends doing GiantBomb.com-esque content. We capture HD game footage live and give some commentary on the spot. The difference with GiantBomb (except being much smaller)? It’s in Dutch. We’re not affraid to say that we love GiantBomb and that we just thought it would be fun to do something similar in our native language. Again, it’s a stripped down version ofcourse.

The website is aiming for a release in three or four weeks. Now the website is running on sample data and at a beta URL: http://tasta.be/tasta . There are still some things to do, especially if I want to perfect it for smartphones and tablets. But I’m proud of what I’ve got. That doesn’t mean I’m not open for suggestions or constructive critisiscm. So fire away! :)

Now at the main URL, http://www.tasta.be (along with some updates). :)

That site looks absolutely stunning! :)