tabview with pagination

Hello exparts, i am totally new in yii, in my project, CTabView works fine. But when i add the pagination to my pages, first time i refresh the page CTabView works fine but, when i navigate another page through pagination, my tabs are not working. I think my tabs cannt find their id s. Please Please anybody help me please…



Have you specified a unique Id for the tab view widget and to the widget that uses pagination? If this doesn’t work, please post your view code.



Best way is that you post the code here… Also, does your pagination makes use of AJAX? If that is so, double check its client script too (post it here aswell)


ok, i disabled the AJAX, and its worked, its not perfect solution, but "something is better then nothing…"

I think the problem is that CJuiTabs events are not bind with live, thus when paginating the HTML is reeplaced and the events on the tabs are lost, but im just guessing, without some code i cant tell for sure.