Tabular inputs.

Sorry folks. I already crawled the entire forum but didn’t find any good solution.

Can anybody help me to make a tabular form to collect inputs from users? I read the wiki article but didn’t get it yet. Some help?



Did you read this: ?

If yes, then what exactly the problem?

I did but i don’t get it.

what is this $items=$this->getItemsToUpdate(); ???

$this->getItemsToUpdate(); is a method you are supposed to implement.

Take a look at this extension, it does all the job.

A live implementation you can find here (don’t save anithing, please!!), look at the 2 tables in the bottom.

zaccaria, you’re not very helpful!! When people come looking for help in the forums don’t just point them to the obvious examples, they’ve already looked there. And how does a live example help!? We need to see the code not what the results are!

I’m trying to implement ztabularinputmanager, you say it has “full code example”, b***t. It has only partial code. For instance, where are the <form> tags (AKA <?php $form=$this->beginWidget(‘CActiveForm’, array(ect…)) supposed to go? Are you supposed to have one set or two, one for the first object and one for the tabularmanager object? Which parts do we need to modify for our own objects? You think it is obvious but to the learning it is not.

I’m starting to wish I had never started this project in Yii. The documentation is atrocious.

Hey Tom, what is the question?

Many users successfully implemented this stuff with tabular input manager, but you are not forced to use it.

If you have some question, please ask calmy, without any "how does it helps, b***t or atrocious".

For your information:

The form tags should surround the tabular input fields and the ordirary fields, in the explaination of the wiki there is written that they should be added after the fields of school.

Anway, I am quite surprise that you asked

whey you could just give a glace to the live example and solve this question with 1 second of firebug analisy…

Zack, i visited your live implementation link. I’m trying to work around tabular input using the extension. I’m having trouble. I’m working with users and systems, a user supports several systems. Like the example i wrote my actionCreate but i get an error showing the table 'cause param in foreach (form) is empty.

Please, can you publish the segment code in your actionCreate, or tell me what i’m missing?