Tabular Input With Tabs (Cjuitabs)

Hi everybody, i want make tabular input with tabs (CJuiTabs) or other. how to make it?

i’ve been search, but nothing result.

i attached image for example.

sorry for my bad english. thanks5198



I hope this link will help you :)

Hi chandran, thanks for your reply.

But i can’t see tabular input there, can you explain me?


My idea is you have to use cgridview inside your tab. Cgridview have search functionality and tabular data also.

If my understanding is wrong.please correct me

sorry, i don’t understand with your idea. i just want tabular input with CActiveForm on tabs like

As I have strungle in dynamic tabular form too, here my answer:

You need to use javascript make that tab (see jui html structure) and all input (just clone and increase index in attribute name and id).

Well, client Validation will likely broken. (new row won’t get validate in client-side).

hi i1111991,

can you give me example, i understand with your logic. but i’m new in programming.