Tabular Input Time Picker Not Working

hi, im using EAdvancedArBehavior for my tabular input it works ok, but when i try to add my time picker, the picker doesnt show… here is my picker in my form.


            <?php echo $form->labelEx($model,"[$id]time"); ?>

            <?php $this->widget('application.extensions.jui_timepicker.JTimePicker', array(





                 'hours'=>array('starts'=>07, 'ends'=>18),






Hello raiethan,

Are you sure there are no element id conflicts and please check the $id properly generates, specially when removing and adding new rows.

thank you for reply sir, i already checked it sir, my other field is working that timepicker is the only one not working properly, the pop-up time of that time picker is not working, but when i try to manually encode the time it works and it save to my database…

i have same proble with this.