Tabular Input Problem When Set Validateonsubmit To True

I do not understand what is going in here,

Please check my problem,

In tabular input form, i posted 3 tabular input

[color="#708090"][i]// in my form, ajaxValidation => false, clientValidation => true,

// validateOnSubmit => true

// also i am submitting the form with a dialogbox AND ajax[/i][/color]

Result:- Incomming Request Count: 1 AND number of items posted: 3


everything goes fine except

it saves 9 rows, 3 X 3 (i submited 3 tabular inputs)[/color][/b]


and when submit 2 tabular input, it saves 4 r0ws (same data)

when submit 1 input data, it saves 2 rows[/color][/b]

[i][color="#808080"]// but, if i set validateOnSubmit => false, everything goes fine,

// no imaginary submission is processed.

// but this is not what i wanted,

// i must submit my form with validateOnSubmit => true[/color][/i]

Here is the code by which i checked the number of items posted

via tabular input and the number of incoming request



if (isset($_POST['MyContorller'])){

 	if (Yii::app()->request->isAjaxRequest){




echo CJSON::encode(array(

               		'content' => 'Incomming Request Count='.$requestCount.', No of  Items  POSTED: '.count($_POST['MyContorller']),




Any suggestion ?? Please i stucked here from a very long time, and googling and googling

and Checking In firebug over and over but didnt figured it out…

Thanks in advance