Tabular Input In Create Action

I have followed this tutorial about tabular input but I got stuck.

Everything works fine except filling up inputs. So when someone fill up all fields and I do


It doesn’t pick any of my entries and when user doesn’t fill everything and it suppose to show error it remove all entries from inputs.

But when I do this


It only takes entries from the first group of input fields and then fill up other groups with those entries.

I’m not talking about saving to database. I’m talking about when user do something wrong it takes him back to create action and it should fill that inputs with user’s entries.

Usually you want to collect/save the tabular input in an array of models.

Take a look at this extension and this wiki.

In this examples you use the database id for old model in update and special ids (n1, n2 n3) for new models (in fact, n stays for new).