tabular input guide step by step

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I am new to php frameworks and this is the first framework i have used. can anybody teach me how to collect data from a table which looks like this one (the one that i have attached). You can click the add link to have a new set of table with the four fields. i need to insert the values in the database. Can anyone give me some ideas?


sorry for being a newbie on frameworks :D

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You didn’t attach any image but I think that is due to the fact that you have to post at least 5 posts to be “allowed” to upload anything. Anyways, tabular inputs are discussed quite frequently here. There are some wiki entries that may guide you through the necessary steps:

  1. Classic tabular inputs without ajax

  2. Tabular inputs with ajax

Thanks Haensel! :)

I saw the ztabularinputmanager extension and i want to try if this will be helpful. but i cant really follow how to do it.

where should i place the TabularInputManager.php file?

and i didnt get what files to create in the view.

can you list here what files should i create and on what folders should i place them.

sorry for being such a noob :D

if i can make that demo work i can finish my project!


I have a recent post where I saved two related models and the child model had tabular input - you might find it useful!

where’s the link ? :) hope i can find it useful :D

hai Istristr…

are you have found a way to use ztabular? I also do not understand to use it with a guide that is available there …

sory for my bad english

hi… anyone will suggest me that how to use ztabularinputmanager??? the guide provided is is not explains things proper way specially to newbies and beginners like me…

Have anyone found the solution to it? I was able to display all the possible input to the view…

However I am not able to store them into mysql =)

Anyone can help me on that?

I hope this link will help : click this

try to search the tutorial with the title of SEARCHING DAN EDITING DENGAN DROPDOWNLIST MENGGUNAKAN JQUERY AJAX (TABULAR INPUT). it’s my personal module, but it using Indonesian language. you need to translate it first.

here is the image of my tabular input:



I used this extension and it is great: