Tabs In Yii

hi all ,

i am using CJuitabs to display my pages ,my doubt is when action takes place in a particular tab such as redirecting to another page is there any way of rendering the redirected page inside the same tab???

Thanks in advance


I think the best way is to send an AJAX request and use render partial to render new page in the tab.

redirecting is not a good way to do what you want

hi ,

can u give example how to proceed with this?

$this->widget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiTabs', array(

	'tabs' => array(

    	'StaticTab' => array('content' => 'Content for tab 2', 'id' => 'tab2'),

    	'AjaxTab' => array('ajax' => $this->createUrl('controller/action')),




Check this link for more details on ajax based tabs