Table's Border Disapeared!


I’ve just created a Widget named ExchangeRate. So I have ExchangeRate.php inside protected/components/

Here is the code for the class:

class ExchangeRate extends CWidget


    public function run()





renderExRate.php is located inside protected/components/views and has the following code:

<?php echo date("m.d.y"); ?>

<table border="1">


        <td colspan ="3">Cash Exchange Rate</td>




        <td>Rate 1</td>

        <td>Rate 2</td>




        <td>Actual Value 1</td>

        <td>Actual Value 2</td>



Now I’m using CPorlet together with ExchangeRate widget like this:

        <div id="sidebar">



                $this->beginWidget('zii.widgets.CPortlet', array(

			'title'=>'Exchange Rate',





	</div><!-- sidebar -->

The code above is located inside column2.php

So the result like this:



The table doesn’t have border event I’ve set

<table border="1">

What did this happen?

Thank you for reading!

Kind regards.

check the file "appRoot/css/screen.css"

at line 16 we can see "border:0;" set.

so use css to make the table border.

Yes, the tip works.

Thank you.