Table with expandable rows on demand


I’d like to set up a page with a table, which starts with, say, 4 rows.

If a user clicks on the first row, below that line I should add the details which compose that row.

Say on row 1 I have total sales for group A. If I click on that row an ajax request is issued and then I need to populate the table with the details of the salesmen in group A.

Is there something Yii-specific I can use? Or I should look at jQuery alone?



There is no such a Yii widget, but it can achived with a bit of effort using ajax.

Take a look to CHtml::ajax and ajax link documentation, you should do an ajax request and retrive a row, wich can be added to your table.

same thing i too want have you got ansewer…if so, please post.i searched for last four days no use.please help i nthis

I populated the table dynamically. for each row I’ve made something like this:

$ret .= "<tr id=\"$rowid\" class=\"riga_$chiavefiglia\" ";

            if (isset ($chiavefiglia) && $chiavefiglia != "modello") { // End of loop

                $ret .= "onclick=\"if (showHide(this)) $.post('".

                        Yii::app ()->getController ()->createUrl ("fatturato/consegneProposte").




$ret .= '},function(data){$(\'#'.$rowid.'\').after (data)})"';

$ret .= ">";

this way for every click on the table row I call via ajax the action ConsegneProposte into the Fatturato controller, and append the data just after. Data will contain full html of the row[s] to be added.