Table Sharding

Hi Yii community, I am new to yii and php development and I’ve made a table sharding extension.

Basically its main purpose is to create a duplicate table (of your choice) if you think that the table is too big and the information is not really that important. One example would be an in out table for employees.

If you are interested you can go to this github repository: https: // TableSharding

Any contributions is welcome. Cheers! :)

I wonder if this extension will ever be used.

Basically, when your project becomes huge, it’s time to move on and get a real server. This means that sharding and all that stuff is done by DB instance, not php script.

Hi ORey,

Thank you for your comment.

Have you checked out my repo? Well, my extension is only for small enterprise level. I think it is still too early to use it for big projects or for corporate level software. Furthermore, I think that my extension still needs more testers and it would be very helpful if you’ll give it a try.

Cheers. :)