Table 'country' does not exist.

Day One. Working through the gii tutorial.

It wants a country table. I find no SQL file to define it?

I am assuming gii expects us to have defined the table before the tutorial.

Where am I confused please?

Does this help you - Preparing the database ?

So I went ahead with the tutorial using one of my own tables.<br />

<br />

Generation seemed to go okay…<br />

<br />

Generating code using template &quot;/home/me/domains/;…<br />

generated models/FoxVideo.php<br />

generated models/FoxVideoQuery.php<br />

done!<br />

<br />

Generating code using template &quot;/home/me/domains/;…<br />

generated models/FoxVideoController.php<br />

generated models/FoxVideoSearch.php<br />

generated views/foxvideo/_form.php<br />

generated views/foxvideo/_search.php<br />

generated views/foxvideo/create.php<br />

generated views/foxvideo/index.php<br />

generated views/foxvideo/update.php<br />

generated views/foxvideo/view.php<br />

done!<br />

<br />

But is a 404 (Not found).

(leading protocol stripped because newbie may not post links, it is a valid url for my env)

Wow fast answer thanks. No I did not realize the gii part extended across the whole tutorial. I will take it from the top now.

In your case because you used "foxVideo" by default the url shoudl be [color="#1C2837"][size="2"] (note the fox-video)[/size][/color]


[/size][/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]also check the Controller Class naming[/size][/color]

Also not found.

But you have given me a place to keep looking, thank you.

No. Curious.

I tried a few variations, and I got also went back and did the country database. Not Found

See also in this forum (sorry cannot post link):

So I guess there is something offbeat in my environment.

Durn it. No getting started today.


why "[color=#1C2837][size=2]/countries/index" ? is your controller named CountriesController ?[/size][/color]

Bah. Of course. Thank you for your eyes.