Table Based Menu And User Roles

I was hoping to use a table based menu, have found a few. I do have a user table and single role (hierarchical)

The extensions seem to be overly complex RBAC had me baffled.

I have tried the zii…CMenu and an Emenu (dropdown) widget…but not been thrilled with either. I have a large array of menu items (urls) and 15 roles with thousands of users. The dropdown menu I have used has been hard-coded so far, I think it would

be simple to build an array of menu - menu.item - role and have it build the menu on login. Just haven’t been very happy with the Emenu. Structure seems to overwrite itself with more than 2 sub menu items…might be css problem not sure. I am trying to not

touch the css and do everything very generically so that we can control the look later on with minor css changes.

Does anyone have any suggestions for extensions or modules to consider? I might have to roll my own, but think what I need

is out there.

Thanks in advance!