Synth CMS

Welcome Neide! Thank you for your participation on this project. Follow pictures of our project:

Again… Thanks for inspiration! New layout rocks!!!



Not just another content manager system… just Synth!

Não só mais um gerenciador de contúdo on-line… só Synth!

Developers are welcome!

It looks awesome! Please tell us more.


Thaks to Neide… she rocks on design! I’m developing core and she takes care of layout. I pretend sell synth as a new CMS solution here on Brazil but we can expand it…

Is there a demo?

Yeah… on localhost…!

I can send core but not for all… just who involved!

I’d like to help you, tell me more about the project, what is the plan or the next steps?

have you already has some thing done?

Hey dude. I’m glad to know that you are interested. Do u use msn? Could you add me so we can chat about the project.

My address can be found on my profile.


Is this project still going? I am interested in possibly contributing if there is still an active developer or team.

I think this project is not available.

Is there any news about it , to download ?