Symlink yii's assets folder


Any ideas on how to symlink the ‘assets’ folder in yii to a writable tmp folder that’s not web accessible?

By definition the assets folder has to be web accessible - that’s the whole meaning of it. If you really want to change it, you can configure the basePath property of your assetManager component in your main.php. But expect a lot of broken widgets when you do this.

Changed the runtime and asssets basePath to point to a tmp dir that is not web accessible but write accessible. The tmp directory is the only directory that is writable in the hosting environment. The widgets were broken as you pointed, thought there was a work around to this.

I tried deploying my yii application in cloudControl and and was faced with the same problem of broken widgets. I find it quite limiting one cannot deploy yii applications on cloud hosting services that are configured this way. Wish there was a workaround, thanks though.


Did you find a solution?

I am testing Orchestra and I am having the same issue.