Switching From Yiibooster To Yiiwheels?


i’ve read that yiibooster is not longer in work:

Antonio Ramirez:

"Working on a brand new library call Yiiwheels… as I do not longer support YiiBooster (is property of Clevertech), there will be major improvements to the widgets"

is it recommended to switch to yiiwheels, so i can use all the new widgets , too?

and what about the old widgets which are not longer included in yiiwheels. is there any way to use the colorpicker component in yiiwheels?

I started a brand new project not long ago and am new to Yii myself. I started coding with YiiBooster (really liked it) but then hear that there is no more support and the YiiStrap is sort of a replacement. I found it fairly easy to port my code to rather using YiiStrap & YiiWheels to replace YiiBooster. However, take into account that I’m still in the beginning phases of my project.

Widget names have change somewhat. Some a parameters have changed too. Documentation is virtually non-existent. But, I did not find it too complex and so far I like it more. It has a "cleaner" feel to it.

I’d say it’s worthwhile to take the plunge, it will pay off in the long run.