Swiftmailer Extension

Hi there!!

I will introduce myself, my name is Carlos Pinto, and this is my first contribution to Yii :)

I developed a good swiftmailer extension (i hope)

It supports these features:

  • smtp, sendmail or mail transport

  • ssl or tls security

  • setTo, CC, BCC

  • Attachment of dynamic (generate at runtime) and static files

  • Embed files (statics and dynamic)

  • Swiftmailer’s plugin (AntiFlood, Throtter, Logger)

The extension uses composer to manage dependencies, the project website is github.com/ikirux/Yii-SwiftMailer

Your feedback is very welcome!

Hi Carlos,

Nice work on the extension but I didn’t see it in the extensions section of the Yii website. You might want to post it there along with some docs and examples of usage.

All of the other Swiftmail extensions I could find were several years old and based on Swiftmail versions prior to 5.0 so thank you for taking the time out to make a more up to date extension.

By the way, yours is based on Swiftmail 5.1, do you plan to upgrade your extension to support Swiftmail 5.2?