Swiftmailer extension, why hardcoded \yii\web\View ?

To be more specific:

Looking at https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/blob/master/framework/mail/BaseMailer.php#L140

    use yii\web\View;


    protected function createView(array $config)


        if (!array_key_exists('class', $config)) {

            $config['class'] = View::className();


        return Yii::createObject($config);


What is the real reason for doing so ?

I would have expected to use same view component i defined in the configuration, which is something extending \yii\web\View which could easily be retrieved from


which is anyway the default one and would cause the exact behaviors for people not extending the base view class.


I know i can use BaseMailer::setView() and BaseMailer::setViewPath() but why should i duplicate my code when i already have set these details in my configuration for the view component ?