Swiftmailer And Wampserver 2.5

Hi guys,

I know this might be super basic but I’m not sure how to approach this. I’m using wampserver and I’ve activated swiftmailer in Yii2 following the instructions here:


As you can probably guess, I’m not receiving any emails. The email is definitely being created in the application (can see it in the debugger), but it’s not actually sending.

I know this is basic functionality for development, so I’m hoping someone can help me.

Yii::$app->mail was renamed to Yii::$app->mailer

Try to change your config and use Yii::$app->mailer insted of Yii::$app->mail. Not sure if it’ll help.

'components' => [


     'mailer' => [





Changing things to mailer yielded a weird error…

Invalid Parameter – yii\base\InvalidParamException

The view file does not exist: C:\wamp\www\CMT\frontend/mail\confirmEmail.php

I have no idea why the slash before "mail" is going the wrong direction.

Changing things back eliminated the issue but still no email sent.

Is anyone happen to be using wampserver 2.5?