SwiftMailer and Quoted Printable

I’m totally banging my head against this one. I’m using Swiftmailer to send an HTML email. However, the content is being encoded as quoted printable, which makes tags appear like this

<img src=3D"http://myserver.com/image.png">

This makes it so images don’t appear.

I need to include some images (hosted on the web, NOT embedded in the email) in a document. But this character encoding issue is a no-go. There are no SwiftMailer commands that I can find to change the transport encoding. Nothing I do seems to help.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

Turns out what’s going on is that Quoted Printable is inserting a line break in the middle of the URL of the image.

I’m thinking there must be a way to set the encoding to 8-bit or 7-bit (not quoted printable).

Any and all help is appreciated!