Swift Mailer in Yii

I am new in Yii and swift Mailer.

I want to use swift Mailer to send activation link.

I don’t want to send email for only one.

[i]–>setTo(array(‘recipient@example.com’ => ‘Recipient Name’))


I want to sent email from the form data of my ‘member’ model.

How can i solve?

Repeat swift mail code for all recipients.

If swiftmailer doens’t work you can use PHPMailer.


You can send multiple emails by adding array of addresses to setTo() in swiftmailer.

I even don’t know how to use swift extension :( can u help me for that problem,plz some tuts or example source code :3

I haven’t use swiftmailer in my projects but if you would like to try MultiMailer you can find all examples here: https://github.com/bizley-code/Yii-MultiMailer/tree/master/Examples where https://github.com/bizley-code/Yii-MultiMailer/blob/master/Examples/default-mail.php is basic options example. MultiMailer description itself is here https://github.com/bizley-code/Yii-MultiMailer