Sweetalert overriden by bootstrap/ kartik-v/yii2-dialog for alerts in yii2

Problem (see title)

The link below describes the problem and the fix that used to work. Now the fix no longer works. Something has changed in either bootstrap or kartik yii2-dialog that makes the work around for sweetalert in yii2 no longer a working workaround. :slight_smile:

The js/yii_overrides.js is loaded in, but the function are not used by yii’s event handler.

The javascript functions for ‘confirm’ that is used by the yii event handler points to yii2-dialog (kartik).

This can be found by running console.log(window.yii); when the document is ready.

Question: How does one disable kartik-v/yii2-dialog?

(the packages is required in composer by yii2-detail-view, yii2-grid and yii2-tree-manager (all kartik versions) as revealed by composer why kartik-v/yii2-dialog)


Yii2-advanced app
PHP Version 7.2.11
Yii Version 2.0.17-dev
sweetalert Version 1.1.3
kartik-v/yii2-dialog Version 1.05


When ‘yii\bootstrap\BootstrapPluginAsset’ => [‘js’=>[]], is added to bundles in assetManager in components in (common\config\main.php)
The result is the desired sweetalert alert message, but then bootstrap modal and other things from bootstrap stop working.
If that line is not added then only the bootstrap alert message box comes up, and not the sweetalert message box.

(the line used above was taken from the following stackoverflow:


Thank you for your time. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.