Sweat Equity Web Designer and Developer Partner

My name is AJ and I’m an IT Specialist. I own several startups which are in the final phase of development. Looking for my partner to help get the company to the next level. I’m looking for experienced Yii/Yii2 developer to work on desktop/mobile/app sites.

Must have:

  • at least 3-5 years experience with Yii/Yii2(must have some experience with Yii2)

  • at least 5 years of experience with PHP

  • MySql

  • javascript, jquery

  • html, css

  • must have experience in working on bigger projects

  • must have be good at web design and an out of box thinker

This project can be done remotely. payment will be sweat equity.

If you interested, please email me you resume or previous experience to marfowebster@gmail.com

Are you still looking for partner?

Yes I am. Please list experience and what programs you code in

Hello Sir,

My name is Amit Desai. I am ready to do this Job. I have 8+ years of industrial experience. Since 3 years i am working on MEAN Stack. You can reach me on skype or mail that is joomdev1309@gmail.com . I am available all time on skype. we will discuss further.


hi my web page is https://jiuly.com.ve/blog/

and my linkendin is https://www.linkedin.com/in/jiuly256/?locale=en_US

i dont speak english fluid but i can write and read this language

Hi Jiuly i sent you a linkedin request. We can chat there. :slight_smile:

hello @marfocorp

you can reach me on Skype: cisin.justin

Email me at justin@cisinlabs.com

Hello Everyone,

please do not reply old posts ok fair enough it is 1 or 2 months old post do it but don’t reply to posts which are 1,2 years old. if you are looking for work try a job forum .

Thank you

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