Support To Develop Project

We are looking volunteer support to develop project relating to health care.

Which aim to bring better health care for rural people.

We have a lot of experience building healthcare related software platforms, but not on a volunteer basis. If you need a Sr. Level team for a long-term partnership and development, we would be a potentially very good fit. But if you want freelancers who are volunteering, can’t help there. Can you provide more info/background on this project and what you need?

Hi, let me know about the country name, where it will work?

Currently hospital is running on php4.*

now we need to up grade it yii framework

let me know your team hourly rate.

india. Why are you asking. you from.


We are a team of 10 members and constantly working on a Yii Project and we have expertise on Yii.We have total experience of more than 1.5 year in Yii.but we will not work on volunteer basis …if u r interested then message me on my account.and we are from Ahmedabad, india.

my email :

Thanks and Regards,

Sukunj Mendpara