Support Simpletest - unit test framework


is there any chance to add support for simpletest unit testing platform as well?

Simpletest has some advantages over PHPUnit:

  • mock objects

  • built-in web browser / webReporter (runs web tests via GUI/browser, without javascript support)

  • simple installation (not forcing any Pear installation)

Similar to PHPUnit:

  • integrates with selenium server

  • tests between PHPUnit <-> Simpletest easily portable with minor modifications


  • not that actively maintained, but it has everything needed, recently updated to comply with E_STRICT mode

  • PHPUnit has some extra features, like phinx…

In my experience, Simpletest is a bit better or at least equal choice for writing unit tests.

My idea is to give a choice via configuration, like:








What do you think?



That’s not a final decision but I don’t think it’s a very good idea to support two different ways of unit testing.

btw., you can mock objects using PHPUnit.