Support of Yii 1.1 after the end of 2023?

Does anyone plan to fork Yii 1.1 to continue to support future versions of PHP? For our own product, we probably will not have time to remove all of Yii 1.1 during 2023.

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As long as there are people willing to contribute to Yii 1.1 we will extend the security support time for it, there is no need to create a fork.

We currently have @marcovtwout who is checking PRs, fixing stuff and also does the release work.

There is currently work being done to make Yii 1.1 compatible with PHP 8.2: PHP 8.2 compatibility by wtommyw · Pull Request #4508 · yiisoft/yii · GitHub

If your company relies on Yii 1.1 you can support our work through Donate | Yii PHP Framework - if there is funding, there will also be support.


See Yii 1.1.28 is released and security support extended about extended support.