Support For Yac (Yet Another Cache)?

Yac seems to be the best choice for the future with Zend OPcache.

APCu can be used with the current CApcCache, but CYacCache needs to be implemented.

What do you think?

More info:

It’s not in release phase yet and I doubt it will be popular enough.

That might be true. I guess we will have to wait and see which is the preferred userland cache option in the fututre.

Yac seems to be interesting. Atleast we can expect some decent code quality. However, creating a custom cache interface should be possible as an extensions. If Yac gains enough popularity, this extension might be integrated into the core. Lets wait until it hits pecl and got decent windows support.

Just my five cents ;)

Hm, dunno. There’s a lot of bundled stuff in yac. Including a full-blown compression engine.

Let’s see how it evolves.