Support for OpenID Connect (OIDC)?

Are there plans to support OpenID Connect (aka OIDC) via yii2-authclient or otherwise? (OpenID Connect is an authentication layer built on top of the OAuth2 authorization framework.)

Now that OpenID is dead and OAuth2 is widely (mis)used for authentication, OIDC adoption is growing quickly and is poised to become the industry standard for authentication and authorization.

I see that yii2-authclient supports both OpenID and OAuth2 so it should be fairly easy to support OpenID Connect. Is support for OIDC in the works? Is there a third-party extension? The only thing I could find was “yii2-openidconnect” on github, but it doesn’t appear to be production ready.


(First post so I can’t include links.)

It’s not in the works. Are there any examples of any major service adopting it?

Here are a few:


Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Ping Identity

Gigya Identity Management

Janrain Identity & Access Management

Gluu Identity & Access Management

WSO2 Identity & Access Management

ForgeRock Access Management

Centrify Identity Server

IBM Websphere

VMware Authentication Services



What would it take to get it in the works?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the skills to implement it. But it should be fairly easy for someone who knows OAuth2.

Authclient is mostly done by Paul Klimov so an issue at which describes it in detail, links to docs and lists major services as you did here would be a good start.


Thank you! Paul is currently busy but he’ll get to the issue for sure.


is there a way to get this to work on older versions of Yii ?

or a doc ? for Yii2 extensions to run on Yii 1.1.15 ?

Yii 2 extensions won’t run on 1.1 for sure.