Support for Apache Cassandra

Hi. It would be great if we could use NoSQL databases with Yii. Especially Cassandra ->

Maybe with Yii 2.0?

Yii2.0 has two issue for now. One is NoSQL support!!!

Great! Thank You for the info

Do You know if Yii developers started to work on 2.0 version?

Yes, we did.


do you have a rough estimate of when 2.0 will be available?

Do you have release schedules or is it more of a “done when it’s done” schedule?

I really enjoy using Yii and can’t wait to see the new things to come in the next version.

Don’t expect it too soon.

Understood, I guess that just gives us all more time to enjoy what you (the Yii developers) have given us already ;)

Thanks for a great framework guys!

I’m very much looking forward to the NoSql support.

Thanks Developers