Support for Ajax crawling?

I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned, but does Yii have support for Ajax crawling, for search engines such as Google?

As you can read there if you want google to search your ajaxed page… you need to use a hash fragment… so that the ajax variable and values comes after the # sign…

Yii currently does not do that for it’s components like CGridView… but for your content pages if you use ajax you can try to create such URL routes… (haven’t tried)

And then you need to check if a search engine is making a request by checking if "_escape_fragment" is in the URL and if that is the case… you need to render a complete view containing the ajax content…

So it’s not much here that Yii has to do… it’s all on you… :)

I know I can make the changes necessary to make this happen, but it seems that it would be a nice inclusion with Yii, considering Ajax functionality is already included.