Summary Table


What’s the “best” widget for creating a summary table. I have an Expense table and a Category table. I would like to show a listing of the Categories with

1.) a sum of the Expenses per Category.

2.) the last Expense Date for each Category and

3.) the number of (quantity) of Expenses per Category.

Expense(n) -> Category(1)

I’ve looked @ CGridView but it doesn’t look like it was designed for a summary table with computed columns. Thanks for your opinion.

You are right, CGridView is quite difficoult to adapt to such custom situations.

If you want to use it anyway I suggest you to create a model with the exactly field you need (is not that difficoult, you can just write a getSomething for anithing you need).

Another option is to write all html code in the view. That is not such a bad idea, since last year in Yii there was no CGridView and we were all happy anyway!! :)