Suggestion please for vertical breadcrumb

Hi. I'd like to have a 'vertical breadcrumb' in the margin of a series of form pages. The progression of the forms through the entire process is ajax-based, so the user needs a way to go back. I thought I'd use the links as both a breadcrumb and a sort of progress meter…in other words all the links would be on each page, with the styling showing the current location.

Is there a class made for breadcrumbs? Maybe I could just accomplish the look through CSS then.

off top - i would definitely be looking to accomplish that thru some healthy jQuery

just have a list of the progressive steps that would allow the user to go forward and back as need-be

all you need in that context is one large form where the values get stored until the form is ready to be submitted (tho it could look like many smaller forms as many parts of the form will appear to have their own interfaces)

I don't think that will work. It's not one large form…it's subsequent forms the use at all and contents of which are driven by choices in the preceding forms, as well as ajax processing along the way.

I guess my question is really whether there is a class or widget for doing breadcrumb trails? I know the concept isn't complex if I need to do it manually, but so many processes online (such as e-commerce) use it, why reinvent the wheel?