Suggestion for CLinkPager CSS Style to aviod conflict with YAML CSS framework

Hey guys of Yii team, is it possible to change the CLinkPager CSS to make it compatible with YAML CSS framework (

The only change needed is:

in the CLinkPager CSS file: "page" to "pagenav" or something like this

and in CLinkPager.php: const CSS_INTERNAL_PAGE=‘pagenav’;

I’m suggesting this because I’m using Yii with YAML and it is a very good combination, but I needed to make this change because YAML’s css core uses “page” as its main page class, so it messed my links in CLinkPager. As “page” is a common name for CSS styles, I think that other CSS frameworks could also use this.

If it is not possible, that’s ok, I can live with this…hehe



Why not ask Yaml dev team to change their naming conventions? :) Hehe, just kidding.

I think this will be done earlier if you also create a ticket. In any case, you can still extend CLinkPager to use class names as you wish. :)

hehe…thanks, Pestaa…