Suggestion for addition to download page

Hi, all–I’m completely new to Yii; I just went to the download page ( and followed the instructions there.

Everything went pretty smoothly up to a point, but I wanted to suggest an addition to that page.

In the "Install via Composer" section, a couple of steps into the procedure, it says this:

"Now choose one of the application templates"

But it doesn’t say what the differences are between the templates, or why you would choose one or the other, or whether this is a choice you’ll be stuck with permanently.

In other threads here in the forum, user moginn has said that the advanced template “is intended to have two domains, or a domain and subdomain with separate document roots. It is for using a shared codebase with two different ‘applications’ - usually a public facing site and administrative backend.” Could something like that be added to the download page? Or could someone add a link from the download page to more info about basic vs advanced?

(I did a couple of searches on and in the forum, but didn’t immediately see any compare-and-contrast info other than what moginn wrote. But I may well have just missed something.)

I would try sending a pull request to update the download page myself, except that I don’t know enough about the basic/advanced distinction to be able to do that usefully.

…I should note that I’m not asking just for me; I’m going to go ahead with basic for now, since I’m just playing around with Yii to get the general idea. So my post here isn’t meant to ask “which one should I use?”; my goal in posting here is to ask if someone could update the download page to give more info to other newbies.

…And moments after I posted that, I found the following paragraph in the Definitive Guide (2.0) (

"Info: The Basic Application Template is suitable for developing 90 percent of Web applications. It differs from the Advanced Application Template mainly in how their code is organized. If you are new to Yii, we strongly recommend you stick to the Basic Application Template for its simplicity yet sufficient functionalities."

So it would be great if that paragraph or something like it could be added to the download page.